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Quaint Keystones



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Seal the memory with this thoughtful message.

The writing on candle: Our mind is a powerful form of matter. We store times, important dates, locations, what we wore that day and even what we ate. This perfect moment is to be sealed with a special scent. Here's to a new memory…

 Scent notes:

Orange Rind, Floral, Patchouli 




Life. What is it really but a string of memories? Moments in time that have been stored in your mind. Playing as a movie as you reminiscence.


Many things are worth remembering. When long hours of work finally pay off. The celebration of love. Or the simple serenity of this current moment. Whatever the occasion, seal it with a scent. This candle makes a perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself).




Remembered is more than an aromatic experience. A message is displayed on the front of the candle. A script to signify your memory. Crafted to evoke feelings of reflection. A contemplation of this time and space.


Savor every second of this candle’s scent. It’s a lovely mix of Orange Rind, Flowers, and Patchouli. An aroma that you will recollect for years to come. And forever be attached this micro-second.


Unearth the power of memory. Order Remembered Today

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