Candle Care

What are the important things about when using a candle?

Always trim the wicks before burning! We can't stress this enough, this makes a huge difference in the performance of your candle. 

Take out any of the burned wick particles to prevent any extra sooting/smoke as those may also cause a larger burn. In order to stay safe, get all the debris our of your candle before you re-light them. 


Please do not burn candles to the bottom of the jar, that could cause the glass to over heat due to not being enough wax to burn with the wick. When there is 3 inches of wax left (when the wick cores are exposed) discontinue use of the candle. 


According to, there are a few rules to always remember:


Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Never burn a candle past 3 hours at a time, if over-use of time, it could cause a jar to overheat and risk other issues.


Never burn a candle near anything that can catch on fire. Don't have anything near the candles, don't have a fan on near candles because that could also cause too much movement to candle flames.