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Quaint Keystones



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Cherish your joy with this uplifting message.

The writing on candle: Happiness is quite hard to find, so when you're lucky to, ride that wave as long as you can. Cherish the moments that leave you with long-lasting smiles. Here's to the joys life brings…

Scent notes:

Starfruit, Jasmine, Sandalwood



Life is full of twists, turns, ups, and downs. On this wild ride it’s important to bask in the good times. The moments where we are truly happy


Joy comes in many forms. The laughter between two friends. A delicious bite of mom’s home cooking. Or the simple feel of the autumn breeze. Whatever it is that makes you happy, celebrate it with this scent. This candle makes a perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself)




Delighted is more than an aromatic experience. A message is displayed on the front of the candle. A tale that reminds you of life’s gifts. That the present is all you truly need. To cherish everything you hold dear.


Savor every second of this candle’s scent. It’s a lovely mix of Starfruit, Jasmine and Sandalwood. An aroma that will fill you with exuberance as you give gratitude for the moment.


Unleash your happiness. Order Delighted Today 

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